Eberron: Scales of War

Sul, Dravago 1, 998 YK - The Tower of Umbraforge

or Why It's Important to Listen at Doors First

After the unexpected and desperate suicide of the dark one, Modra, the party seeks to enter the tower of Umbraforge in an attempt to find the portal back home. Searching the wall Modra indicated before his death, they find the edges of a door hidden in the shoddy construction of the foundry wall. Beyond the door is a dimly lit tunnel which leads to what appears to be a dead end.

Pythas: Someone help me search this wall. It looks like a dead end but…you know.
Berend Stonekeeper: Hmmm… Odd, there’s a lot of fine debris, like bits of plaster or something, on the ground.
Drake Ilvenet: I think I see the door


Drake indicates the door’s outline to the others. Pythas looks at Drake in confusion, or more likely embarrassment for not having seen the door himself, but silently pushes open the door. Dim light fills this area from globes of gray glass set around the room. Shelves of books and scrolls line the walls here, and a large table covered with scrolls and bound volumes dominates an adjoining chamber. A female shadar-kai stands there, looking up in astonishment. Two shadar-kai warriors, katars at their belts, scramble away from the door in surprise. A third warrior is digging through books on a nearby shelf, his greatsword leaning against the wall a few feet away. The shadar-kai immediately attack the party as they emerge from the tunnel, one of the nearest warriors pulling down a bookshelf to spill its contents across the floor.

By now, the adventurers have become quite familiar with the tactics of the shadar-kai, and quickly work to thin the ranks. When the first of the enemy is slain, the witch activates a lever on the wall, which sends bolts of necrotic energy through the room, focusing solely on the party. Drake fights his way through the melee to the control panel, where he stabs his sword through its mechanisms, permanently ending its attacks. Meanwhile, all the shadar-kai have been slain save the witch and the gloomblade, who are quickly overwhelmed, sending them to join their kin in Kyber.


With the enemy in this room dead, the party cautiously peers into the next room, where they find what appears to be a great hall, filled with couches and other lavish furnishing. The room is also occupied by some shadar-kai, a dark one, and a wraith! Seeing the adventurers emerge form the library, they shadar-kai shout a warning as they move in to attack, why the dark one calmly orders the wraith to attack as well.

The party joins the fray with abandon, moving about the room to keep the enemies from flanking. A patch of lighter tiles int he middle of the room produces an odd effect similar to vertigo, but being sorely pressed there is no time to dwell on this oddity. The shadar-kai swing their chain weapons to little avail, and are quickly slain, as is the dark one. The wraith, while a more sinister opponent, still gets overwhelmed and eliminated, leaving the party alone to catch their breath. Pythas inspects the lighter tiles on the floor, noticing that there is an opening in the ceiling directly above. He realizes that the lighter tiles are in fact a magical lift, which with a mental command will carry the used up to the next level. However, fearing to go further into the tower without knowing what may still be lurking in this lower level, the party opts to clear the remaining rooms.

Throwing caution to the wind, Pythas strided to the southern doors and throws them wide open without first stopping to inspect or listen. To the party’s horror, beyond the door lies the fields of Umbraforge… and eight shadar-kai warriors, who are equally surprised by the party’s presence in the great hall. Shaking off their surprise, the warriors attack.

After their previous exertions, the adventurers are sorely pressed to defeat their enemies, who attack furiously. The party ultimately prevails; however, their resources are dwindling, and they still need to find a way home. The idea of taking the opportunity to find someplace to hide and rest is dismissed as a great tremor again shakes the ground, causing the tower to sway dangerously. They have little choice but to fight on.

Will they ever make it home… alive?



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