Dark creeper, former in the employ of the shadar-kai, Sarshan


Modra is a dark creeper, and like many of his race, skulks through the Shadowfell at the bidding of his shadar-kai masters. At least, that was before he decided to strike out on his own. Formerly in the employ of the shadar-kai, Sarshan, Modra betrayed Sarshan by attempting to broker deals without the shadar-kai’s permission. Modra’s latest deal of supplying an orc king with weapons to be used in attacking Bordren’s Watch, an attack which failed, has left Sarshan scrambling to restore his reputation. Furious, Sarshan has marked Modra for death.

Desperate to return to the Shadowfell and escape Sarshan’s assassin’s, Modra tries to kill the party who he believes are in possession of a brass key that activates a portal to the shadow realm. As it turns out, the party do indeed have the key, which was planted on them by persons unknown. The party confronts Modra in the caverns beneath the Happy Beggar, where Modra escapes into Shadowfell using a key from a fallen shadar-kai witch.

While in the Shadowfell, Modra sneaks into the camps of Umbraforge, Sarshan’s base of operations, and infiltrates the dark foundry there. Before the party finally confront him in the foundry, the dark creeper manages to sabotage many of the systems that supply power to the main tower. Defeated by the adventurers at last, Modra tells them how to get into the tower, declaring that the damage is done and the tower and Sarshan’s operations will fall. With the party distracted, Modra leaps into a nearby river of lava, thus ending his miserable existence.


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