Shadar-kai witch


Leena is a shadar-kai witch who is first encountered by the party as they move about the Umbraforge camps, seeking information about Modra. Though she sees one of the adventurers shoplifting from the market stalls, she strangely enough does not raise the alarm. The reason for this is made known later when she finally approaches the party who are staking out the dark foundry, and states that she knows who they are.

Leena explains that she was formerly allied with Modra, but that the dark creepers attempts to broker deals without Sarshan’s knowledge have left her little recourse but to sever all ties with Modra. However, she still respects the dark creeper, and knowing that Srashan would surely torture Modra for an extremely long time before killing him, Leens requests that the party find and kill Modra quickly. She feels that this small mercy is the least she can extend her former ally while not directly defyinf Sarshan. When the party agrees, she offers a tent in her camp for them to rest and tend to their wounds.


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