The Sovereign Host

The Sovereign Host consists of the deities most commonly worshiped by the majority of
Khorvaire’s population. Most people revere the Host as a whole pantheon, offering
prayers to different deities in different situations. Even clerics are often devoted to the entire Host rather than to a specific patron (see Following a Pantheon, page 35). Taken as a whole, the pantheon is neutral good, and its favored weapon is the longsword—the weapon of its martial champion, Dol Dorn.


God of Agriculture
A deity of fertility, plant life, and abundance, Arawai is neutral good. She claims many druids and rangers among her followers, as well as farmers, sailors, and any
who are significantly concerned with weather or fertility. She is usually portrayed as a half-elf woman, sometimes as a halfling or a human, and occasionally as a
bronze dragon. The sister of Balinor and the Devourer, and the mother of the Fury (as a result of her rape at the hands of her evil brother, according to the holy texts),
she oversees the domains of Good, Life, Plant, and Weather. Her favored weapon is the morningstar.


God of Law and Knowledge
A deity of lore and magic, Aureon is lawful neutral. The patron of all arcane spellcasters, as well as sages, librarians, and scribes, he often appears as a gnome or human wizard in ancient texts, and occasionally as a majestic blue dragon.
He is the brother of Onatar, the husband of Boldrei, and strangely related to the Shadow. Associated with the domains of Knowledge, Law, and Magic, he favors the quarterstaff.


God of Beasts and the Hunt
A neutral nature deity associated with hunting and animal life, Balinor claims hunters, druids, barbarians, and rangers among his followers, since he appears
as both a protector of nature and an exemplar of gently taking what one needs for sustenance from nature’s bounty. Usually portrayed as a burly human, sometimes
as a crude but good-natured half-orc, and occasionally as a stalking green dragon, he is brother to Arawai and the Devourer. Associated with the domains of Air, Animal,
and Earth, he favors the battleaxe.


God of Community and Hearth
Boldrei, the lawful good deity of community, is invoked as a protector of villages
and homes, to bless marriages, and to confirm government appointments. Usually depicted in ancient texts as a commoner of any race, or sometimes as a copper dragon brooding over a nest of eggs, she is Aureon’s wife. The domains under her influence are Community, Good, Law, and Protection. Her favored weapon is the spear.

Dol Arrah

God of Honor and Sacrifice
Dol Arrah, the lawful good deity of honorable combat, self-sacrifice, and sunlight, manifests as a peacemaker, a careful planner, and a strategist. She serves as the patron of paladins, generals, and diplomats who fight their battles with words. In addition, in her role as a sun god, she brings light to pierce the darkest places of the world. She is commonly represented as a human or half-elf knight shining with holy
radiance, and sometimes as a red dragon perched on a cloud. Said to be the sister of Dol Dorn and the Mockery, she is associated with the domains of Good, Law, Sun, and War. Her favored weapon is the halberd.

Dol Dorn

God of Strength at Arms
The chaotic good deity of war, Dol Dorn appears as a paragon of physical perfection who promotes bodily strength as well as martial training. Most often depicted
as a heavily muscled human, sometimes as a dwarf or a half-orc, and occasionally as a silver dragon, he is said to be the brother of Dol Arrah and the Mockery. Associated with the domains of Chaos, Good, Strength, and War, he favors the longsword.

Kol Korran

God of Trade and Wealth
Merchants, traders, and thieves revere Kol Korran, the neutral deity of trade and money—as might anyone who has money or wants more. He is depicted as a fat, cheerful human or dwarf in fine clothes. A few ancient representations of him show a white dragon lying on a bed of ice-blue gemstones. Said to be the son of Olladra and Onatar
and the twin brother of the Keeper, he oversees the domains of Charm, Commerce, and Travel. His favored weapon is the mace.


God of Feast and Good Fortune
Gamblers, rogues, bards, and hedonists invoke the favor of Olladra, the neutral good deity of luck and plenty. She is often depicted as a young halfling, sometimes as an
elderly human, and occasionally as a black dragon. The wife of Onatar and the mother of Kol Korran and the Keeper, she is associated with the domains of Feast, Good, Healing, and Luck. Her favored weapon is the sickle.


God of Artifice and the Forge
Onatar, the neutral good deity of crafts, industry, and fire, is the patron of artisans and artificers, smiths and smelters, and all who make things. Dwarves in particular revere him; he commonly appears as a dwarf smith in holy texts, and sometimes as a brass dragon. Wizards and psions who specialize in fire also place
their faith in him. The husband of Olladra and the father of Kol Korran and the Keeper, he watches over the domains of Artifice, Fire, and Good with his favored weapon, the warhammer.

The Sovereign Host

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