The Dark Six

In some ways. the Dark Six can be considered a part of the pantheon of the Sovereign Host. It would be more accurate, however, to say that these deities have been cast out of the pantheon because of their evil ways. The Dark Six are the patrons of criminals, outcasts, and villains, as well as of various kinds of monsters. The holy texts show them scheming against the Sovereign Host at every turn for reasons that vary from deity to deity. and their dark minions likewise plot against the followers of the Sovereign Host.

The Devourer

The brother of Arawai and Balinor, the Devourer is neutral evil. Stories say that he raped his sister Arawai and thereby fathered the Fury. As lord of the deep waters and
master of maelstrom and reef he represents all the destructive power of nature. The sahuagin worship him, while sailors fear him and seek to appease him. He is portrayed as a human or merfolk with seaweed in his hair and beard, as a sahuagin, as an enormous shark, or as a dragon turtle. The domains associated with him are Destruction, Evil. Water, and Weather. His favored weapon is the trident.

The Fury

The Fury is the neutral evil deity of passion driven to madness. Revered by those whose passion consumes their lives, she is commonly portrayed as a half-elf, sometimes as a drow, and occasionally as a snakelike wyrm of Khyber. Associated with the of domains of Evil, Madness, and Passion. she favors the rapier.

The Keeper

The neutral evil lord of death and decay. the Keeper is the twin brother of Kol Korran. As Kol Korran represents the acquisition of material wealth, the Keeper embodies greed, hungry for the souls of the dead. He lurks in the darkness, hoping to snatch wayward souls as they pass to Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead. He is portrayed as a gaunt or grossly fat human, as a lich or a ghoul, or sometimes as a skeletal dragon. Associated with the domains of Death, Decay, and Evil, he favors the scythe.

The Mockery

The neutral evil deity of treachery over honor, the Mockery betrayed his siblings. Dol Arrah and Dol Dom, and was subsequently flayed and banished from the Sovereign Host. A skilled warrior, he claims evil fighters. rogues, monks, and assassins among his followers. He is portrayed as a ghastly human warrior with the skin stripped from his body. cloaked in the skins of his enemies, and sometimes as a half-fiend red dragon. He is associated with the domains of Destruction, Evil. Trickery, and War, and the kama is his weapon of choice.

The Shadow

The Shadow. the literal shadow of Aureon. gained a life of its own as the price of his arcane mastery. Chaotic evil, it devotes its energy to dark magic and the corruption of nature. Many evil wizards and sorcerers revere the Shadow. and many of the monsters of Droaam invoke its name as well. It is usually depicted as a shadow. but sometimes (particularly in Droaam) as a shadow dragon. It is associated with the domains of
Chaos, Evil, Magic, and Shadow, and its favored weapon is the quarterstaff.

The Traveler

The most mysterious of the Dark Six, the Traveler is chaotic neutral and seems to have no connection to the other deities of the pantheon. A consummate shapeshifter. The Traveler is said to walk the land in a thousand disguises. A master of cunning and deception. it emphasizes subtlety and careful planning. In some places the Traveler is known as the Giver of Gifts, but proverbs warn. “Beware the gifts of the Traveler.” Revered by doppelgangers, lycanthropes. and a number of changelings and shifters, it is associated with the domains of Artifice. Chaos. Travel, and Trickery. Its favored weapon is the scimitar.

The Dark Six

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