House Medani

Dragonmark: Mark of Detection
Race: Half-Elf

Appearing over 1,500 years ago, initially thought to be an aberrant mark during the War of the Mark. They established themselves by detecting dangers in the wake of the War of the Mark.

The Last War

With their strong connection suspected and somewhat in truth, to Breland’s royalty. They acted increasingly as counter-intelligence and investigative law enforcement.

Key Locations

Tower of InquiSition in Wroat of Breland
Arylhawn Keep on the border of the Mournlands

Guilds and Organizations

Warning Guild: bodyguards, scouts, sentries, and inquisitives
Thousand Yard Stare: Guards and patrols Mournland
Basilisk’s Gaze: Last War, War Criminal Hunters

House Medani

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