House Lyrandar

Dragonmark: Mark of Storm
Race: Half-Elf

Appearing over 2,000 years ago, they original bearers conviced half-elves to become an independent race, eventually they founded House Lyran’dar.

The Last War

Without Elemental Vessels and having little need for sea travel, they were asked to assist in the war with their ability to manipulate weather. Refusing to use their abilities to cause harm, they provided help to a groups benefits. Towards the end, they provided a neutral ground for spies and power brokers to meet and deal.

Key Locations

Stormhome in Aundair
Taer Valaestas in Valenar
Sharn in Breland

Guilds and Organizations

Windwrights Guild: Shipping and logistics for transporation
Raincallers Guild: Weather Magic
Sela’s Path: Faith
Lyran’s Gift: Researchers
Storm Front:

House Lyrandar

Eberron: Scales of War Mgrancey