House Jorasco

Dragonmark: Mark of Healing
Race: Halfling

Appearing not long after the Mark of Hospitality, somewhere around 3,000 years ago, House Jorasco worked to become part of the Dragonmarked houses. Both loved and hated, for their healing and mercenary approach towards it. Taking on a more expansive view of what is considered part of healing, there is many opportunities to interact with them. All house members must serve time in the Healers Guild every year.

The Last War

Like the other dragonmarked houses, they remained neutral and offered hospital services to all sides.

Key Locations

Vedykar Enclave in Karrnath
Great Healing Hall in Sharn, Breland
Hall of a Thousand Mirrors in Newthrone, Q’barra

Guilds and Organizations

Healers Guild: Hospitals and Doctors
Medics Guild: Traveling healers

House Jorasco

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