House Deneith

Dragonmark: Mark of Sentinel
Race: Human
Enhances fighters and grants the ability to access protective wards, grants members and edge in combat and protection.

First displayed in Karrnath, they helped Karrn the Conqueror establish the country. When Galifar the I united the human kingdoms, they were charged with protecting it. Traditionally avoiding the politics played by other houses, the Last War brought about some change in this.

The Last War

Refusing to take sides, they sold their services to all of the Five Nations. With the creation of the warforged and House Tharashk offering monsterous mercenaries they became rivals due to them cutting into their business.
h5. Key Locations:

Sentinel Tower in Karrnath
Graywall in Breland
Rhukaan Draal in Darguun

Guilds and Organizations

Blademarks Guild: mercenary services
Protectors Guild: Bodyguard services and garrison troops
Sentinel Marshals: Can pursue criminals across the Five Nations

House Deneith

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