House Cannith

Dragonmark: The Mark of Making
Race: Human
House Cannith is the house of inventors, artisans and magicians for Korvaire, they create the vast majority of magical items.

This mark first appeared roughly 2,500 years ago, and combined with the bearers’ natural inventiveness. Clan Cannith steildily increased its power and innuence, creating its own areas of jurisdiction throughout Cyre and central Khovaire. An active and enthusiastic participant in the War of the Mark. House Cannith found itself one of the most powerful of the dragonmarked houses after the war.
House Cannith used that power to forge partnerships. At the end of the War of the Mark, House Cannith worked with the other dragonmarked houses to establish the Twelve. They allied with the elemental binders of Zillargo and the scions of House Lyrandar to create elemental ships to sail Eberron’s seas. Emboldened by that success. House Cannith’s magewrights collaborated with House Orien on the lightning rail. House Cannith also helped to establish the network of message stations that House Sivis uses t0 facilitate communication across Khorvaire.

The Last War:

Was extremely beneficial to House Cannith as they sold arms and armor to all sides, and then discovering how to make Warforged increased their importance again. However, the Day of Mourning resulted in the loss of the head of the House Cannith fracturing them into 3 competing groups. Additionally, the Treaty of Thronehold resulted in a great loss to the house when all warforged were freed and banned Cannith from making more. With the Five Nations in a rough peace, Cannith has suffered much from the end of the Last War.

Key Locations

Sharn in Breland
Fairhaven in Aundair
Korth in Karrnath

Guilds and Organizations

Fabricator’s Guild: Produce equipment, mundane and magical,
Tinkers Guild: traveling or centrally located Mr. Fix-its

House Cannith

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