Gregorth's Life and Death

Gregorth was an unfortunate dwarf, though all the stronger and stubborner for it. Taught crafting and war by his family, he joined the Deep Sentinels at a young age and was a valuable member until the worst possible event for a dwarf occurred. The extermination of his clan, leaving him the sole survivor. Rather than breaking, he was able to gather himself and undertook the quest to seek revenge for his clan’s murder.

Know little about his target his pain and rage spread to encompass all spellcasters leaving him prejudiced against them, though he never harmed an innocent. Even under all his pain and rage, his good heart still lead him to help others, though it was hidden under his gruff, hostile, angry, and greedy attitude. While I can’t say if it was his bull-headed nature, bravery, or a death wish, he was always the first to enter a fight and to protect his friends, even when he suffered terribly for it.

It is no surprise, and a great loss even as bull-headed and stubborn as Gregorth was, that he died a heroic death protecting us his companions, Bordrin’s Watch, and the city of Overlook from the rampaging Orc hordes that were attempting to claim the Nexus underneath Bordrin’s Watch. Losing control of the Nexus would have lead to a massacre of the defenders guarding the pass and a devastating siege of Overlook.

So friends, strangers, and all others who stand against the darkness, raise your stein of Dwarven stout and remember Gregorth Grimsmasher as the hero of Bordrin’s Watch!

Gregorth's Life and Death

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