Days and Months


Zarantyr (January),
Olarune (Feb),
Therendor (Mar),
Eyre (April),
Dravago (May),
Nymm (June),
Lharvion (July),
Barrakas (Aug),
Rhaan (Sept),
Sypheros (Oct),
Aryth (Nov),
Vult (Dec)
Crya – The Blood of Vol’s 13th Month, as they still use the oldest active calendar used on Eberron, the Qabalrin Wheel, which was developed when there was still a 13th moon in the sky.


There are 4 weeks of 7 days each in a month, for a total of 28 days. The days are as follows:

Sul (Sunday)
Mol (Monday)
Zol (Tuesday)
Wir (Wednesday)
Zor (Thursday)
Far (Friday)
Sar (Saturday)

Days and Months

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