Darguun is a nation that broke off from Cyre during the Last War, when goblin mercenaries seized the region for their own. The nation has become a host for many members of their race seeking a homeland including hobgoblins and bugbears. Some believe it will allow them to return to the glories of the ancient Dhakaani Empire.


Darguun has been described as encompassing “all the lands from the ocean to the river Ghaal, and from Sterngate to Kraken Bay.” It is bordered on the north by Breland, and Zilargo shares a border to the west.


The nation is almost unique in Eberron that it practices slavery against the Code of Galifar. Slaves are treated as cattle in this land with no rights and an ever present need for more to be delivered or captured. The land is currently united by the warlord Lhesh Haruuc.


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