Lifedrinker Longsword +1


Level 5

Created by an unknown malevolent craftsman, this fiendish longsword seems to delight in draining the life force of any creature it is used to slay.

Class: Weapon
Subclass: Melee
Price: 1015 gp
Enhancement Bonus: +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls
Damage: 1d8
Proficient: +3
Critical: +1d6 necrotic critical damage
Weight: 4 lbs.
Properties: Versatile
Group: Heavy Blade

When you drop an enemy to 0 hit points or fewer with a melee attack made with this weapon, gain 5 temporary hit points. Level 15 or 20: Gain 10 temporary hit points. Level 25 or 30: Gain 15 temporary hit points.


Lifedrinker Longsword +1

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