Crone from Brindol, one of seven prisoners captured by the hobgoblins and held at Rivenroar.


The old crone Zerriska is found by the party in a room off the mushroom fields chamber, where she has been locked within a magic circle by her captors. Known as a witch by the people of Brindol, she has played on this reputation to keep her captors from harming her by threatening to turn them into toads. Her gambit paid off, and she has been kept in the magical prison to prevent her from working her magic. It has not, however, kept them from threatening her with harm to the other prisoners. Late the previous evening, she was shown the web-shrouded corpse of Watch Captain Kartneix, and shortly after, they threatened to cut the throat of Thurann, the now deceased Captain’s young son.

When discovered by the party, Zerriska continues her ruse of having great powers, fearing that they might be in league with the goblins. Once her deception is pointed out, however, she readily admits that her “dark magics” is merely a skill in herbs. She is released from her prison, and she tags along with the party as they continue searching for the other prisoners.



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